​Our Services

Interior Design Consultancy, project co-ordination, kitchens and bathrooms, sourcing and installation of furniture, upholstery, soft furnishings and lighting.  ​ Custom made furniture, decorating services, home staging, carpets and floor coverings, sourcing artwork and accessories.
Offering advice on paint colours and finish, Organizing tradesmen.

At first contact, usually by telephone, Elaine will seek to get an outline understanding of your interior design needs. 
​A meeting will then take place at the location in order to get a clearer idea of the scheme. During the visit, your ideas and feedback will be encouraged to ensure that Elaine understands your requirements and the initial design meets your vision.   

Many clients find it useful to cut out pictures from magazines or to show us websites that illustrate their thoughts. Before any work is undertaken and after in-depth discussions, Elaine will put together ‘mood’ or ‘theme boards’, which will outline the look of the living space with examples of textures, patterns and colour.
This helps you to visualize the mood and feel of the room before any orders are placed or work is commenced.  
With this in mind an idea of the costs can be put together.

​We will present you with a full breakdown of the project costs, including design fees, the cost of any fabrics and furniture, together with the cost of tradesmen, if applicable.